The Mark-It specializes in transfer printing and embroidered apparel for businesses, schools, groups/organizations, fundraisers, and your average walk-in customer. We offer a variety of apparel, ranging from T-shirts to name-brand garments, as well as specialty items, such as koozies, stadium chairs, blankets, and much more.

All designs are done in-house by our graphic designers and printed in our shop. We utilize top-of-the-line equipment to fulfill your orders while using several methods to do so. The Mark-It is constantly evolving and making sure we use up-to-date methods and trends.

Our professional and dedicated staff members know how important customer service is, and strive to give the best to our customers. The Mark-It’s strength is their loyal customers, who give excellent word of mouth and marvelous recommendations. At The Mark-It, we offer outstanding service, quality products, and a swift turnaround. Our number one priority is to make the customer happy, so we aim to do what’s right.

Wooden Boards

This natural high-quality cutting board makes an impeccable cutting board that duals as a gorgeous serving board. When artfully laser engraved, this wooden board makes a memorable wedding gift, corporate gift or promotional product. Truly unique, this premium hardwood cutting board is easy to maintain and gentle on knives. Its lasting beauty makes it one of our top selling cutting boards.

Non Wooden Boards

These gorgeous, glossy custom printed cutting boards will last years of cutting. Memorialize your favorite memories in a meaningful way.


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Shannon Foster

“I have been a customer at the Mark-It for several years, and these ladies are professional and courteous every time I do business with them. No matter if it is a personal item or if it is something for my softball team, they are speedy and give us the best prices and quality. I always use them for everything. From my gear needs to my gift ideas. I LOVE this place!”

Shannon Foster
Central Softball coach

Katie Brown

I have been going to the Mark-It for years now for everything I need for my business ,including T-shirts with my logo on it and gifts for clients. Not only do they do an absolutely amazing job for all of those items. I also go to them for any and ALL personalized gifts for friends and family, whether it be for a holiday or special occasion ,such as a wedding or baby shower. I wouldn’t trust my  personalized clothing and gifts with anyone else! They always have it done in a timely manner, and it is always exactly what i am wanting ( or even better than i hope for ) ! “

Katie Brown
Spectacular Settings

Erik Smith

” I would absolutely recommend The Mark-It to anyone who would like to get quality personalized mugs, T-shirts, etc. With the Mark-It you can’t go wrong ! Their employees have always been friendly and ready to offer helpful advice in selecting and designing my recognition gifts . I’ve especially been impressed with their graphic designer , Joanna -she patiently listens to my design ideas and then works her magic with a smile. Lastly , their prices are so reasonable ! It doesn’t pay to go anywhere else!.

Erik Smith

Becky McCall

“The ladies at the Mark-It have gone above and beyond to help  me out on many different occasions , and I can’t thank them enough! Ihave ordered multiple shirts from these ladies, from team volleyball shirts, proud sports mom shirts, and each one turned out AMAZING ! They have a huge variety of designs to choose from , but if you can’t find what you are looking for ,they will make up a design for you! you tell them what you are looking for and they will make you a beautiful one -of -a-kind design! I couldn’t be happier with their service and I will be back ANYTIME I need a new t-shirt or personalized gift”.

Becky McCall